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Walleye Brokerage, LLC is a full service, independent real estate and business brokerage based in Edina, Minnesota.


Independent Brokers

Walleye Brokerage is a client first and independent brokerage. We are not affiliated with any large, national brokerages. That means we can focus all our energy on your goals. We answer to you, the client, not to a boardroom or faceless shareholders. Your best interest is the only thing that matters to us.



Walleye Brokerage is local. We know the market and the laws of Minnesota. The needs of each client and each deal may differ, but having knowledge of the local market, customary terms, and your legal rights can make all the difference to achieving your goals. Client focused knowledge is the key. We use our knowledge to your advantage.


Experienced Attorneys

Experienced and licensed real estate attorneys own and operate Walleye Brokerage. You benefit when your brokers have an attorney on their side. Real estate deals of any size and type can be complicated. At Walleye Brokerage, you get the best of both worlds in your corner.


Full Service

Walleye Brokerage gets deals done. Not every deal is the same, but experience can help anticipate and resolve issues before they kill a deal. We react to issues that arise thoughtfully and professionally—and with only your best interest in mind. We are your trusted advisor throughout the process.