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What We Do

Walleye Brokerage can handle any real estate or business deal that comes our way. Our primary focus is commercial tenant representation, commercial real estate, and business purchase and sales in the following areas:


Commercial Tenant Representation

A lease is a significant business transaction that will impact the financial resources of a business for many years. It is imperative to partner with a trusted advisor to ensure the deal terms reflect your expectations. Too often the focus is on the monthly rent payment when there are many other aspects of the deal you may want to consider. The long-term business impacts of a lease is often overlooked, but that is why experienced representation is key to maximize your long-term goals.


Investment Real Estate Deals

Buying and selling commercial real estate can be a complex process. You should not make these complex decisions alone. With so many issues that could potentially alter value, having a trusted advisor along the way is essential. Due diligence is a key factor in every deal, especially in development and redevelopment projects. Land use and zoning matters can often get in the way of the best planned deals.


Business Purchase and Sales

Buying and selling a business is similar to real estate transactions but can often be much more complex and carry different risks. As a buyer, you want the transition to be smooth and profitable, and as a seller you want to limit your future liability and ensure you maximize your business’ value. We can provide comprehensive guidance through the buying or selling process.


Business Startups

New businesses often have a lot of planning to do before getting off the ground. If you are a new business and need help navigating financing or leasing and acquisitions, we are here to help. There are no upfront costs or fees. We understand startups have a lot of potential but often find themselves with tight cash flow. With Walleye Brokerage, you can have an experienced advisor at your side without the stress of upfront costs.